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Poison Arrow / Feng Shui Architectural Design

Have you heard about "Poison Arrow"?

This is the term that we feng shui interior consultant often use.

Any sharp corners of the building are considered as poison arrows.

The sharper they are, the more negative energy they throw toward you. Like "arrows", they point to you straight and hit you...

You do not want that, right?

But in the modern world, especially in a big city like NY, we can not avoid these poison arrows...they are everywhere wherever we go, basically.

In restaurant, in the office, in the house, on the street....everywhere!!

(So, that is why it is totally healthy for us to go to the nature sometime...forest, river, beach...Because the nature does not have this type of poison arrow. )

Just be aware of it, and just try to avoid them when you need to spend near them in some space.

Probably at least, you can avoid facing them if you need to sit near the corner of the poison arrow in the restaurant or the office or in the living room.

One day, I was walking on the street (6ave & 44th street), I had to stop when I found this building.....

Because unlike the other buildings in the city, this building does not have "poison arrow"!!

I am pretty sure the architect should know feng shui.

And I love his/her thoughtful design.

I was very curious to know if other corners of this building were also poison arrow free, and yes, I was right, I did not see any.

I am interested in checking their interior in this building someday.

Do you find any poison arrows (any corners...even table's) in your home?

If so, try to sit or stand in front of one for 5min....

Then, try avoid it and sit for another 5min....

How do you feel??


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