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Ai's clients share their experiences.


Justin Elliot Cobb
(Manhattan, NY)

(software engineer)

Before I started the program, I felt trapped in many ways.

I would look around my home, and wonder if I would ever go anywhere else.Whether I would ever escape that space.I was going through several personal changes at the time, and I was hoping to affect a major shift.

I knew I needed a change but had no idea how to go about that.I had met Ai through friends some time before, and she had offered initially a more limited program.

As I was seeking a major change, I decided to do the more involved whole-space program.

I had personally dabbled in Feng Shui before, so I had some idea of its potential impact, and I wondered what a more total dedication might result in.

Ai did not let me quit when it got tough.

She was patient, but made it clear we could complete the program on schedule.

Many changes in my personal life continued through the process, and I was discouraged and frustrated by those,

but ultimately was able to channel that energy into more aggressively decluttering and cleaning.

She said that it was common for her clients to have such large changes in the life while the process was still ongoing,

and it made me curious to see what further changes completing it might bring, so I redoubled my efforts.

I continued to be amazed at just how much useless clutter had occupied the space,

and I gradually developed a strategic sense on how to remove it, and a considerable sense of satisfaction at doing so.


Owenr/Therapist at Bodhi Healing Studio

The most memorable project through this program was Painting.

Going in, I had no expectation that I would be able to get so far as to even consider painting.

By the time that considerable decluttering had taken place,

it was clear I might have an opportunity to really make a break from the same dingy white walls I had been staring at for 17 years.

The difference that just a splash of color in the right place makes is astonishing.

The changes in my home are profound. It is now a place I want to go home to and live in,

instead of just a place where I slept and left my stuff.

I want to walk into my kitchen, I want to cook, and I want to work at my desk at home.

All of these things used to just be sources of anxiety for me before the process.

People have frequently commented at the change in the tone of my voice and in my demeanor, and some changes in my personal life have mirrored the general theme of decluttering, decomplicating, and a fundamental shift in energy.

I recommend Ai feng shui interior consulting to anyone who feels stuck, trapped, or a bit lost like I did.

However, I would recommend it to most anyone looking to improve the general quality of their home and by that, their lives.

I learned through this program that this is something I can do,

I learned that I have more resolve and discipline than I had ever imagined.

I learned that I like a living space that is tidy and clean, but also energetic and warm.

I learned that this is an astonishingly powerful means to personal change and betterment.

I also learned to forgive myself for having let things go to the point that they did.

I learned that I like decluttering.

Most importantly, though, I learned that I create my own freedom.

And with that, can banish those feelings of limitation and of being trapped.

Thank you Ai very very much for all of your patience and diligence in helping me see this process through.

It has changed my life for the better and I am extremely grateful for it.



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