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Ai's clients share their experiences.

barry and isabel

Barry & Isabel Bank (Queens, NY)

(Architect & Engineer)

We have had the pleasure of working with Ai at our home and office with her feng shui consultation service. Ai is one of the most talented, passionate and energetic professionals we have encountered. She has excellent communication skills expressing and transmitting herself clearly and positively and being a good listener. 

We were referred to Ai by our close friends whom she's also worked with. We met for the first time and were taken away by her knowledge and empathy. Barry (husband) was doubtful before meeting Ai, and just wanted to follow along with Isabel (wife)'s wishes, but after our first consultation he was really in awe. She was easy to follow and trust and the results on her first visit and visits thereafter have made our lives noticeable better. She has energized and empowered us and our home and our office seems to be benefiting already after her visits as well.

We have Architectural firm in New York City where Barry is a Professional Engineer and Isabel is a Registered Architect, and being in the industry of buildings, the knowledge that Ai has, we haven't found before in many years that our firm has been in business. We truly admire her commitment to us as clients, she is very giving of her time and the love for what she's doing is immediately transmitted, she's inspirational to us and we are sure that she will touch many lives in her journey in positive ways and development of people's potentials. 

We can't get enough of AI's work an will keep being her clients and we have already recommended her to others since they come to our office and home and the see a big positive and welcoming change and ask about it. We say we have a secret: Ai M. Johnson.

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