Justin Elliot Cobb

(Software engineer)

Thank you Ai very very much for all of your patience and diligence in helping me see this process through.

It has changed my life for the better and I am extremely grateful...

Kazuyo Matsunouchi

(Bodihi Healing Studio owner)​

Ai feng shui interior consulting enriched not only my living environment but also my own life...

Kana Kamitsubo Marcovic

(Hug Music owner)


Ai told me I MUST remove the vacuum cleaners from the entrance area. She emphasized MUST...

Barry & Isabel Bank



Barry was doubtful before meeting her but after our first consultation he was really in awe. The results on her first and second visits have made our lives noticeable better.....

​Ms. M.U

(Medical field)

Ai was telling me: "Each furniture is too big for this size of the room." "Why do you have so many tables in this room?""Do you really need this many stuff for a single person living?" She was totally right, but I could not admit it…

​Ms. M.A


I was very surprised at what Ai said first in the consultation. 

"This is like....a very unstable room."

That was exactly how I was feeling about the room or myself, so I was very shocked when I heard Ai saying that...

R. S


She is very quick in response and always on my side to help me to get this project done. I'm almost done with this project and am excited....

Mieko Shiraiwa

(Eye Lash Pro VIVACE owner)

I finally completed my eyelash salon renovation project with Ai's guidance and support. I learned that everything is up to me....

Nana Miki

(Nana Ballet owner)

I enjoy my time relaxed and happy in the drastically transformed living room...

C. P

Rearranging my home was actually rearranging my life, changing myself.....

E. N

(Business Owner)

On my first week of the project, I was already almost feeling like giving up because at first it was not very easy for me to follow all the instructions that Ai gave me. But Ai ...

​Ms. Y & Mr. M

(Office Workers)

Once the cluttered bedroom became so tidy and clean, we feel so comfortable but at the same time other cluttered rooms started bothering us.…lol.

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