Thank you Ai very very much for all of your patience and diligence in helping me see this process through.

It has changed my life for the better and I am extremely grateful...

Justin Elliot Cobb

(Software engineer)

Ai feng shui interior consulting enriched not only my living environment but also my own life...Ai told me I MUST remove the vacuum cleaners from the entrance area. She emphasized MUST...

Kazuyo Matsunouchi

Bodihi Healing Studio Owner

I am very satisfied with Ai's feng shui interior consulting service because she really passionately listened to our needs based on our life style. I asked Ai to rearrange our entrance area and study room of our house, and reception & waiting area of our music school that I run with my husband in Forest Hills, 

Kana Kamitsubo Marcovic

(Hug Music owner)

Owenr/Therapist at Bodhi Healing Studio I ordered Ai feng shui interior consulting service because I wanted my home to be the place where  I as well as my guests can feel relaxed and happy by just staying in.

Nana Miki

(Nana Ballet owner)

Ai's interior consultation is very unique, which I have never thought of.

A few of my friends have taken her consultation and highly recommended her, so I asked her to help me with my small studio.  



I finally completed my eyelash salon renovation project with Ai's guidance and support.  Eye Lash Pro VIVACE owner I learned that everything is up to me....

Mieko Shiraiwa

(Eye Lash Pro VIVACE owner)

Barry was doubtful before meeting her but after our first consultation he was really in awe. The results on her first and second visits have made our lives noticeable better.....

Barry & Isabel Bank


On my first week of the project, I was already almost feeling like giving up because at first it was not very easy for me to follow all the instructions that Ai gave me. But Ai ...

E. N

(Business Owner)

I was very surprised at what Ai said first in the consultation. "This is like....a very unstable room." That was exactly how I was feeling about the room or myself, so I was very shocked when I heard Ai saying that...

Barry & Isabel Bank


I think I heard a voice from somewhere.."This is the last chance for you!" I was supposed to have sofa reupholstered 3 years ago. But things did not go smoothly until I found Ai.

E. N

(Business Owner)





Brooklyn, New York,


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Ai works with her clients closely to create not only ideal homes but also offices, salons, schools,

and other spaces where they would seek self-love. 

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