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Ai's clients share their experiences.

Happy Family

Y & M (Office workers) Ehime, Japan

We finally decided to work on our bedroom after long time we kept postponing with many excuses.

​(①Bedroom、②Entrance Area、③Living Room)

②Entrance Area

★Before Project

We had no hesitation or concerns because the drastic result of the bedroom project convinced us we can do it.  

My husband and I were very excited about new change through the entrance area project. 

I could not help myself keep looking at before & after pictures of the bedroom project. 

Before Ai's Consultation

★During The Project

It was harder than we expected. I wanted to keep all the stuff in the shoe shelf but I couldn't...I was irritated by my husband's big shoes. But after Ai taught me how to make space by myself without buying new storage furniture, I was so amazed and motivated. Ai told me she did not suggest buying storage furniture but I could make a storage space by using dead space! And what she told me worked pretty well...everything I wanted to stock was placed properly. To finish the project, we placed flower arrangement on the shoe shelf. I asked my husband to buy flowers, and he came home with flowers from work. 

Began With Reducing The Amount of Shoes

Utilize The Dead Space, Not Necessary To Buy A New Furniture For Storage 

★After The Project

A few days has passed since our entrance area drastically transformed.I never thought we could have flower arrangement in that entrance area. My husband changes water in the vase everyday. After the entrance project, it seems that my husband has felt some changes. He said his business has been getting very busy.

And one more surprising thing happened. Our daughter, who never ever cleans her room no matter how many times we tell her to clean, finally started cleaning her room! We did not tell her to clean her room this time, she started cleaning, which made my husband and me very very surprised!We have done with only two areas, bedroom and entrance area though, we have been really feeling comfortable and happy. Now we are more motivated to make our home more comfortable. We are now moving forward to Living room project! Stay tuned....!

Before & After

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