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Ai's clients share their experiences.

Nana Miki

Nana Miki (Queens, NY)

I ordered Ai feng shui interior consulting service because I wanted my home to be the place where  I as well as my guests can feel relaxed and happy by just staying in.

Originally I requested two rooms (my bed room & session room where I provide massage therapy service to my clients) but Ai told me that we should focus on kitchen and living room instead. And before her consultation, she said,

Owenr/Therapist at Bodhi Healing Studio

"I need you to move the refrigerator and sofa to the appropriate places from where they are now. Urgently!"

She said this refrigerator's location and the sofa's location have been blocking my potential success ∑(゚Д゚)!!! 

I had the refrigerator in the entrance hall, apart from the kitchen. It was impossible to plug in the outlet there because the power code did not reach out to it and no enough space in the cooking area if I put the frige. And I had a sofa in the session room, not in the living room, because I thought it was impossible to keep the sofa in the living room where I sometimes use as a exercise room. 

The idea of moving the refrigerator from the entrance area to the kitchen and moving the sofa from the session room to the living room made me feel worried, because I was not quite sure if they can fit right.

But with Ai's encouragement saying " Let's try to move them first. Then think later. ", I moved the frige to the kitchen, and sofa to the living room without worrying too much.

Things that I believe impossible was actually just my assumption.

"Try first, and then think if there's any problem."

This attitude gave me a huge power to take an action for success.


Now I can see the refrigerator's location and the sofa's location were a good example for me too see how I block myself from being successful. Things that I believed impossible was actually possible. 

I kept ignoring contradictions, accepting them, as if I believe it's impossible for me to change.

I must have felt it was very uncomfortable and wired to have a frige in the entrance. But I made myself believe it's impossible to have it in my small kitchen.

I love cooking and I often cook. For me, refrigerator is a very important item in the kitchen.

How could have I kept allowing myself to have the frige in the entrance area this long?!

I learned that this is my pattern that I tend to accept contradictions

Same thing to sofa. 

In terms of living room, every clients and my friends who visited my home said " I feel so relaxed""I want to sleep over here."And I felt the same way. I thought I liked my living room too.

But I had the sofa in the session room just because I thought it did not fit in the living room. 

But when Ai said, "I think you have suppressed what you actually are; you must be more dynamic, gorgeous and active. But I do not feel that from how you make your room. Don't you like that sofa? Why don't you use it in the living room instead of in the session room?"

When I heard that, in my mind, I was like "Oh my....! How do  you know that!" was an awakening moment.


After moving the big furniture (frige and sofa), each areas are properly divided even though we did not use walls or dividers, and I really feel comfortable to spend my time in this newly arranged home. 

Following Ai's directions, I made the entrance area tidy. I enjoy displaying seasonal things such as pumpkin for Halloween.  I removed work stuff from my bedroom, placed the Shinto alter in a proper location. 

It was just like all the misplaced things were being relocated in right places.

Ai told me "You already have enough.", which inspired me a lot.

I possess enough things that I need in my space.

Letting unnecessary things go, putting necessary things in right places....this was just like playing puzzles. The moment when I finally put the last piece of puzzle, I felt so thrilled. Everything fits just right. This was my first experience in my life to feel this much amazed by room arrangement.

Lastly, what I really appreciate Ai about is that she created my home that makes me to be just "me"; an artist and dancer.

I did not have time and space in my mind to center myself as an artist / dancer, even though it was the most important thing for me in my life.

I feel I was subconsciously ignoring what truly I am. 


Ever since the consultation, I enjoy my time relaxed and happy in the drastically transformed living room. 

I like looking at the sun shaped mirror that Ai recommended for me when I relax on the sofa, because it is just like the sun is giving me a power. 

I ordered a wrong sized sun mirror by mistake, which is way bigger than Ai suggested, and I was so freaked out with my mistake. I showed a picture of the giant sun mirror to Ai and we laughed a lot about this mistake together, but in the end Ai said "Let's stick to it for now. You may like it. If not, then just return it  and get a smaller size. See how you feel. "

And I started thinking that this big dynamic sun is just like me! Maybe I made this mistake for a reason.... to accept what I am.  I love it now.  It's so me!


During Ai's consultation, I decluttered many old unnecessary unused things go. It taught me that when I let things go, there will be a space for something new coming in, something that I really need.

I hope I will have another Ai's consultation someday for the rooms that are not arranged by her yet. Until then, I will review what I learned from Ai and keep practicing it so that I can make more space for something good and new coming in. I really appreciate Ai's exciting and fun consultation that taught me a lot. Thank you.

Nana Miki

Arrangement sample for Nana

1. Entrance

Moved the frige to the kitchen from the entrance area. And moved the room divider in front of the entrance door to divide space between the entrance area and the living room. The entrance area was very dark without windows, so we put lights and a sun mirror.

2. Kitchen

The frige fit in the kitchen so now Nana does not need to go back and forth to the entrance area to get food while cooking.  

We decluttered to make more space in the kitchen. 

3. Living room

In old living room setting, there was no sofa but only one chair so when Nana had her guests they sit on the floor (Japanese style) or on the chair. We moved the sofa from the session room to the living room so that now Nana and her guests can enjoy and relax on the sofa. I suggested Nana to display two or three framed art that she loves on the wall later. 

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