Love your home, love yourself.

Ai Matsui Johnson


- Owner and Feng Shui interior consultant at Ai Feng Shui Interior Consulting

- NY State certified feng shui interior design teacher at New York Institute of Art + Design

- Obtained Certificate of Architectural Studies & Interior Design, Parsons School of Design

Ai has practiced Ai Feng Shui Interior Consulting since 2006 after obtaining feng shui interior coordinator certification and color therapist license in Japan.


Ai's motto is "Love your home, love yourself." She innovated her unique method by combining principles of feng shui, interior coordinating, color therapy and the essence of environmental psychology with belief that our home reflects what we are; our point of view, and thinking patterns from our own life.

Ai works with her clients closely to create not only an ideal home but also office, salon, school, or other spaces where they love to be. Ai also advises her clients how to declutter and organize to make more space in homes and offices. Currently Ai teaches Feng Shui Interior Design course at New York Institute of Art + Design.

Ai's service fits you if you are....

-Willing to improve your life as well as improve your home or office. 

-Willing to balance energy in yourself and your space. 

-Willing to achieve your life goals: Successful love, marriage, relationship, health, career, finance, etc....

-Willing to know about yourself and learn how to connect yourself within you before connecting with others. 


-Committed to work on yourself as well as your home project within a certain period of time. (2wks-8wks)

-Willing to cut old patterns and mental blocks in relationship and in certain problems of your life. 

-Willing to have more positive opportunities in your life. 

-Ready to clean, declutter, and organize your space by yourself. (Ai teaches how to do it but do not do all those works for you.)

Both home improvement & life improvement will not happen at one night.

Certain period of time and effort will be required. 

Consultant guides you as a mentor and shows you how to proceed the program until your completion of the project. 

You will do all the hard work to gain what you are willing to have in your life, but do not can always reach Ai out when you need her support during the program.  

Love your home, love yourself. 

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