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Love your home, love yourself.

Ai Matsui Johnson
  • Owner and Feng Shui interior consultant at Ai Feng Shui Interior Consulting

  • Obtained Certificate of Architectural Studies & Interior Design, Parsons School of Design

Ai has practiced Feng Shui interior consulting since 2006, after obtaining Feng Shui interior certification and color therapy license in Japan. 

Ai's motto is "Love your home, love yourself."

She innovated her unique method by combining of feng shui interior arrangement, home organizing & decluttering, and the essence of color & space psychology.

She believes that our home reflects what and who we are: a point of view, and thinking patterns from our lives.


Ai works with her clients closely to create not only ideal homes but also offices, salons, schools, and other spaces where they would seek self-love.


Ai also teaches feng shui interior design as well as how to organize and declutter efficiently, to maximize their space.


Currently, Ai teaches Feng Shui Interior Design at New York Institute of Art + Design.

In her free time, Ai enjoys playing music. 


     You will follow Ai's suggested project plan and apply it to your home by yourself or with your family, friends, whoever you like.  

In case you need Ai's help, she can be there for you, too, if you purchase the Feng Shui Home Project. 

     Ai can also refer mover, handyman, organizing / cleaning helpers upon your request.   

     You may need to move your furniture, declutter things, clean and organize your closet, or add something new such as plants and mirrors, etc.


Thank you Ai very very much for all of your patience and diligence in helping me see this process through.

It has changed my life for the better and I am extremely grateful...


(Software engineer)

Ai feng shui interior consulting enriched not only my living environment but also my own life...

Ai told me I MUST remove the vacuum cleaners from the entrance area. She...


Bodihi Healing Studio Owner

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