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Ai with her client

1. Review 

Ai visits your home or sees you online to review your home.

Ai will check how your home are arranged, see how many unnecessary things you hold, what can get rid of. Ai will also check if furniture arrangement, colors, materials and design of interior are appropriate for your home to generate good "chi" (energy) from the point of view of feng shui's ying-yang five element theory and also environmental psychology. 

2. Consultation 

Ai listens to your needs and wishes. Ai would like to know to know what you like to achieve throughout this home project.

According to the result of 1 and your goal, Ai gives you a consultation sheet, floor plan, color suggestion and project plan to teach you how to make your home more functional, comfortable and also stylish as well.

Living room
Living room

3. Implementing

You will follow Ai's suggested project plan and apply it to your home by yourself or with your family, friends, whoever you like. Ai can also refer mover, handyman, organizing / cleaning helpers upon your request.

You may need to move your furniture, declutter things, clean and organize your closet, or add something new such as plants and mirrors, etc. Basically we try to make most of what you already have, so it is not necessary to purchase new items. But if you wish, Ai will give you advice for purchase.

4. Completion 

Ai visits your home or sees you online again to see your achievement. Ai may give some adjustment if needed. In this final phase, you will share your feelings, emotional blocks, your success, difficulty throughout the project with Ai and discuss how we can maintain your comfortable space even after the program. By the time you reach this phase, your home becomes a place where you really love to be at and a place where you are just who truly you are. Congratulations. 

Ai Feng Shui Consultant
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