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Ai's clients share their experiences.

Kazuyo Marunouchi

Kazuyo Matsunouchi (Queens, NY)

Owner & Therapist at Bodhi Healing Studio

My friend, who experienced Ai's feng-shui interior consulting service, told me that she had been feeling better about herself and her living environment than before, and she recommended me to have a consultation with Ai. 

I asked Ai to review my bedroom first, because I had been bothered by poor quality sleep since I moved to this apt, and I often woke up in the morning with bad dream.

Owenr/Therapist at Bodhi Healing Studio

Before Ai came to see my place, she requested me to send her several photos of my bedroom taken from different angles, with my birthday and home address. Next day she came to my apt, and started checking my bedroom and said, "We will need to rearrange furniture together. After rearranging them, I think you will feel much better to sleep here. Let's do it."

It took almost an hour to complete rearranging the bedroom. Actually, since that day, I haven't had bad dream and my sleep quality has improved a lot. It is so amazing. What we did was just move the furniture to the different location. I was not required to purchase anything new, literally she used only what I have at home now. 

I did not feel completely comfortable and relaxed in my bedroom before, but now I do and I love my bedroom. It feels like the energy started circulating properly. My first plan was to have Ai arrange my bedroom only, but I ended up to contact her again to ask her to do my living room and entrance area a few days later.

I work at home as a massage therapist so I use my living room as a salon while the living room is a very private space for me. When Ai reviewed my living room, she pointed out that there was no boundary between "work" and "private" here, which caused me dull feeling all the time.  I myself was not aware of it at all, but that actually made sense to me.  I was so shocked and amazed at Ai telling me exactly how I've lived at home, my life style and thinking pattern...I even felt a bit embarrassed because she was that much so accurate as if she's been watching me through a video camera or something (!!).


Ai and I moved furniture together trying several types of coordinating ideas that she prepared for me. She always respected my preference and opinions during her session. Like she did in the bedroom, by using only what I've had at home, she divided a work space and a private space in the living room skillfully and stylishly. I was just so amazed at her creativity and sophisticated room-rearrangement skill. I really could felt positive energy flow in my living room. Ai also rearranged the entrance area the same way. Now l love both spaces.

Ai often asked to me, "Does this make you feel comfortable ?" " How do you feel if the chair faces to this direction?" I really liked that she focused on what made me the most comfortable, while she was applying my lucky color and direction based on my birthday and year that she researched before her visit. 

Soon after Ai's feng shui interior consulting, I felt a change! Until before my room rearranged by her, I often spent my time lazily except when I was working. But now I feel I am more focused and be able to do what I really want to do, and I am fulfilling both life at work and life at home. Additionally, I am more aware of what makes me comfortable and be able to take care of myself better. 

Ai feng shui interior consulting enriched not only my living environment but also my own life . She changed my impression on feng shui. I love Ai's unique style and I am so happy everyday. Thank you, Ai.

Kazuyo Matsunouchi

Arrangement sample for Kazuyo

1. Bedroom

Moved the dressing table with a mirror which was located right in front of the bed room door, to the wall side. Moved the stand light on the corner of the room, and placed a round light by the bed instead. Moved the beige color cabinet the foot side of the bed, and displayed some plant and other favorite thing such as a family pictures on it.

Moved a cat litter box from the foot side of the bed to the wall side, put a plant in front of the cat litter box so that it can not be seen from where she sleeps. *Later, an accent rug on the bed side and her favorite art on the wall of the head side of the bed were added.  

2. Living room / Session room

Entrance door, long hall way, and living room stand in a straight line. Originally the chair and the massage bed were displayed right in front of the living room entry, which causes energy run away quickly. Divider between a living area for relaxation and a work area for massage therapy set up by using furniture and plants that she has. 

This divider makes energy begin flowing properly. Apparently it gave this room more positive and active image. Currently she has two chairs that are for one person each, but adding a two seat sofa (love seat) and an accent rug recommended since she is looking for a new love.

3. Entrance

Originally there was a rack filled with lots of pairs of slippers right in front of the entrance door. We used this rack as a divider for the living room, and we put a small wooden table where plants and flower are displayed instead.

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