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Ai's clients share their experiences.


Ms. E. N (Manhattan, NY)

(Business owner)

I ordered Basic plan (Entrance area, Living room and 1 Bedroom) for my  4 bedroom apartment that I share with three room mates in Manhattan, NY.

Many of my friends who visit my place often say the energy (Chi) in my house is stuck. Ai also said the same thing when she came to my apartment for the first time.


Honestly, it did not take no longer three days from the consultation date that I felt like giving up this project. Because there were many problems in my house, structure-wise, I thought it was very hard for me to follow all the directions that Ai gave me. But support and encouragement from Ai kept me being motivated and finally I completed all the assignments for this 4 weeks project .

I really feel accomplished and very surprised at the big change after the feng shui interior arrangement.



The biggest change I feel after the completion of the 4 weeks project is that I can sleep very well. Before Ai's consultation, I always woke up every 2 hours every night since I had have a big surgery.



I let so many unnecessary things go. I rearranged necessary things in appropriate places and removed all unnecessary things from home.

When I need to buy something new, I took time to select and made sure that I really need and like them. I just focused on making my home comfortable place for myself.

In the process of this project, I realized how much I ignored not only my home but also myself. My life was all about my business that I own.


Before Ai's consultation, no roommates in my house ever used a living room. Everybody spent their time only in their own rooms.

Ai said, "Once we make energy in this room more active, people will start using this room. If you see your roommates spending their time here, that means the energy is getting better and balanced. So our goal is make the living room more welcoming so that people feel like enjoying their time here."

At first I was doubtful. But as I proceeded arrangement following Ai's instruction, surprisingly my roommates started using the living room as Ai told me. Now we use this room to relax and enjoy our time.



Ai's arrangement brought a drastic change to the entrance area. Before Ai's consultation, there used to be two garbage bins and so many shoes in an open shoe lack were seen when we enter from the front door. But we removed these things and put only "pretty things"  such as flowers, green plant and my favorite art in this entrance area instead. I feel the energy in the entrance area drastically changed to something much brighter and lighter.



Ai gave me so many detail advice for my bedroom arrangement. She pointed out that I could not sleep very well in my own bedroom arrangement, which was totally right.

I use my bedroom as a home office, having a work desk next to the bed. Ai taught me how to divide a room into a sleeping area and a working area so that I can focus on working in day time.and also can sleep well at night. And yes, I really feel much much better and comfortable!


Ai feng shui interior consulting service gave me an opportunity to take my time to face myself and review my own life. I would love to keep up making my home comfortable by practicing what I learned from Ai. I really appreciate Ai's help.

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