Home Salon: Morning Dew organic day spa by kumiko

Before & After

Kumiko Mitsuya
Owner & makeup artist, massage therapist at Morning Dew, Forest Hills, NY

Ms. Kumiko Mitsuya opened her home salon in June 2018 with a support of Ai Feng Shui Interior Consulting service. She has been a successful make up artist & massage therapist from Japan for long years and now she works here in New York. She wished to make the entrance area more inviting and make a session room a comfortable and relaxing space. And also she wished to divide two spaces - private space (living room) and work space (session room).

We started our project by moving all shoes in shoe cabinets and placed some decorative arts on them. 


ニューヨーク・フォレストヒルズでホームサロン「Morning Dew」をご経営されている三屋久美子さんは、日本・ニューヨークにてご活躍されてきたメークアップアーティスト・マッサージセラピストです。



We decided to make a dining room into a session room. We moved a dinning table set and shelves to the living room, and hanged dividing panels to divide the session room and the living room. 


私たちはダイニングルームを セッションルームに作りかえることにしました。ダイニングテーブルセットと大きな棚をリビングルームに移動させ、リビングとセッションルームを分けるためにルームディバイディングパネルを吊り下げました。 

By hanging room dividing panels and changing sofa & dining table set locations, the clients can not see Kumiko's private area. 



1. Entrance Area

All we newly purchased for the entrance area and the session room was 1) 2 shoe cabinets, 2) wind chime, 3) fringe curtain, 4) an accent chair 5) side table and 6) flower art.  We made over by using what she already has at home.


2. Session Room (Previously it was a dining room.) 

Owenr/Therapist at Bodhi Healing Studio

We placed a tall plant that Kumiko got from her friend by the entry so that her clients can see from the hall way and also from the massage bed. Clients lay on the bed with their head towards the room dividing panels, they can not see Kumiko's private area-living room. 



Kumiko reported me that she has received very positive feedbacks from her clients saying they can feel comfortable and relax in this space. Kumiko also told me that she can focus on her work and her performance has been better than before since inviting well balanced energies in to her house. 

I wish her success in business. 


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