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Ai's clients share their experiences.


M. A (Administrator) Osaka, Japan

I got to know about Ai through my favorite blogger who lives in New York. 

Looking at pictures of Ai's clients' nice apartments in NY on Ai's website, I thought her service is something I can not afford. 

But after reading the newsletter about decluttering project of Ai's childhood friend in Japan, I decided to apply for 1 hour online counseling service.  

I already finished a big decluttering project two months ago. I wanted to try feng shui arrangement because I had been experiencing some hard time in my private life and I really wanted to live my life more positively without any regrets. 

This time I had Ai check my bedroom, where I spend most of my time at home. Before the consultation, Ai checked not only bedroom but entire home information, layout as well as my feng shui five element based on my birthday after I sent photos and videos of my home and bedroom. 

Bedroom before consultation

I was very surprised at what Ai said first in the consultation. "This is like....a very unstable room."That was exactly how I was feeling about the room or myself, so I was very shocked when I heard Ai saying that. I have been living all my life always wishing to be stable and settled because my life has been far away from stability. It is very surprising my room reflected my instability.There are 7 things that Ai suggested me to try in her 1 hour consultation as following:

①Instal a divider between a bed and an entry door


Because my bed and the entry door are aligned, energy (chi) enters from the door and run quickly and hits me in the bed. This is a NG bed layout that causes poor sleep.  

But the pillow location (West) was good for me so I did not need to change the bed location. Instead of moving the bed, Ai suggested me to place some sort of divider between the bed and the entry door. 

I purchased a beige color fringe curtain which is good for my feng shui five element. This would balance energy speed and prevent it from hitting me from the door. 

②Headboard for bed


My bed did not have a head bord so my head was exposed to the wall which has window, so it made my sleep unstable. 

Ai asked me "Can you really sleep well here?"Actually, I did not...I always woke up many times in the middle of the night. 

After the consultation, I bought a wood head board. 

③Pink color bedding 

I replaced animal printed bed sheets (which was not matching my feng shui five element energy.) with a new pink flower printed bed sheets, which will enhance my love and relationship energy. 


④Crystal Ball


It is good to sleep with my head toward West, which is a good direction for me. But sleeping with head toward the window is not I hanged crystal balls to balance energy. 

⑤Flower arrangement 


Ai suggested me to place live flowers in a vase to make energy flow more smoothly by using Water Element. I put flower arrangement by the bed side and change the water every night. 


⑥Place a rose quartz by the flower arrangement. 

⑦I changed a table location so that I can face to West which is a good direction for me. I can not lean my back on the bed side anymore so I placed a seat with a back for support.


It has been only 1 week since I rearranged my room, but I really feel this bedroom has become a special place to me...

Bedding area with a divider as well as with the head board and the pink bed sheets give me quality sleep. I can really sleep very well now. 

And flower arrangement.....I really suggest you try this!I feel very energized when I look at colorful living flowers. 

My life is occupied by work where I tend to suppress my feminine side. Since I started buying flowers daily, I feel I am recovering my femininity.Working women, look and touch beautiful flowers!The bedside where I put flower arrangement has become a secret place like a shrine. 


I really like Ai's motto, "Love your home, love yourself.". Now I can't wait to come home after work. I was never interested in furniture and interior decoration, but now I am interested because I want to make my room more comfortable, which equals I am taking care of myself better than before.  This is a big turning point as well as a big discovery in my life. 

More new changes may come soon. I would like to enjoy practicing feng shui as a tool to make my life happy. 

Thank you very much, Ai. I will let you know when I have more changes. 

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