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mini-Home Project for Spring energy

Hello, this is Ai from Ai Feng Shui Interior Consulting.

There are still some cold days in New York, but I feel it's been getting warmer in day time more often these days. Beautiful flowers and trees in the park and the street are giving us Spring energies. I am going to go to Central Park tomorrow with my friends for flowers viewing tomorrow.

Today I would like to introduce a new service. It is mini-Home Project/Spring taste decoration consulting that gives you lots of ideas to bring Spring (Wood) energies into your home.

Enjoy and embrace this Spring and so prepare for the Summer season.

Service available:May 1st - Mary 31st, 2018

Price: $250 one hour consulting (on site or online)

●I teach you how to make over your home with Spring colors, interior items, and layout by using as much as what you already have possible. My advice varies depending on individual personality and your home personality based on Five Elements.

If you have not experienced Ai Feng Shui's home project full program, you will learn what your/your family's five element are, how the energy cycles work in your family dynamics, and good match interior (color, material, and design) .

●If you have already completed full program in the past, this will be a good opportunity for you to re-review your living environment and yourself, and make over your home with Springy interior items and or new layout plan, in case there are some energy gap between your home and yourself. This works well if you want to just boost your energies too.

For more info/reservation, contact me at


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