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Ai's First Book "A Little Bit of Feng Shui" Will Be Published on 1/4/22! Preorder Available Now!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, I want to share great news.

Finally, my first book "A Little Bit of Feng Shui" by Sterling Publishing (Barnes & Noble), will be published on 1/4/2022, on their website and Amazon (Hardcover & Kindle) and sold in approximately 155,000 Barns & Noble stores throughout retailers in the United States, Canada,United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia.

And right now, preorder is available!

I hope many people will read this book and utilize the knowledge and the tips of simple Feng Shui that I shared in this book.

I am planning to have some Book signing events in my neighborhood Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY, early January. More detailed info will be shared later sometime in December!

Without supports from my friends, family and clients, the editor of Sterling Publishing-Ms. Kate Zimmerman, and my husband Matt, I could not complete this book publishing project. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart, and I love you!


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