Announcement: Find & Feel Your Acupoint Workshop

September 4, 2019



Hello! I am going to organize an event "FIND & FEEL YOUR ACUPOINT WORKSHOP" inviting a licensed acupuncturist and owner at Mejiro Acupucnture Clinic, Tokyo Japan. Let's learn how to maintain and enhance beauty and health from the oriental medicine expert together!



Ms. Mayumi Yanamoto from Tokyo (Owner at Mejioro Acupucnture Clinic ) will share her knowledge of oriental medicine and technique of finding and feeling acupoints to maintain and enhance beauty and health.
It is a rare opportunity to learn from Ms. Yanamoto, so please join us!
Seats are limited.







Sunday, 10/6/2019

123 4th Ave, 2F, NY NY 10003

$40 per person
(cash, but if you prefer Venmo or Cash Square please ask. )

Book: ・917-224-0414
Spark Solution LLC dba Ai Feng Shui Interior Consulting






*Learn how to sharpen your sense of fingertips


* Feel changes in your body changes with acupoints


*Learn acupoints on the neck


*Learn acupoints for neck distortion


*Learn acupoints for eye strain  


* Learn how to find the famous acupoints as gynecological all-purpose acupuncture points.  


* Learn to use face and head acupuncture points to relax your eyes and head and relax your face.









* As the acupoints below the knee are used, please wear clothes that allow the knee and the instep and toes to come out smoothly.  


* Please bring a mirror as you will perform treatment while looking at the mirror.  


* As you use your feet, face and head, please bring a wet tissue if you like.


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