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Hello from NY!

Today I am sharing some information about my new service.

To serve more different types of clients with different needs, recently I've made more flexible menu in addition to entire home project: services such as only one room project / only floor plan or even one hour consultation. Especially clients through Yelp tend to order only one room / one hr consultation service, so I thought having varieties in services would serve my clients better.

I am very happy because recently I have received requests for feng shui interior lessons / workshop from some of my clients. I love teaching / sharing my knowledge to people since originally I was a teacher for many years :)

If you are interested, please contact me at or visit

多種多様なニーズを持ったいろんなお客様のご要望にお答えできることができる様に、お家プロジェクトなどフルプログラムだけでなく・1エリアのみのプロジェクトやフロアプランのみのサービス・1時間のコンサルティングなどメニューもフレキシブルな内容のものをプラスしました。 Yelpなどを通じていらっしゃるお客様には、特に1エリアのみや1時間コンサルテーションなどのを好まれている様です。 ご興味のあるお方は、 or visit www.aimjohnson.comまでご連絡をお願いします。

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