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Lifestyle Design Workshop @Hug Music


Last November, I had an opportunity to do a workshop for music therapists at Hug Music, Forest Hills NY. Hug Music is a music school that provides music education and music therapy to almost 200 kids..mostly with special needs. 

A few years ago, I provided my service to the school and the school owner's house. 

I offered my 1 hour workshop for their employees-music teachers / therapists because I thought it would be very beneficial for them to know how the environment impacts their emotions and behaviors. 

In the beginning of the workshop, the owner, Ms. Kana Kamitsubo told her employees that she believed my service was very effective because after my consultation their school and home drastically improved not only appearance but also functionality.

What I mostly shared in this work shop with the teachers / therapists was how we can design our lifestyle by using knowledge of feng shui, interior design, color therapy and environmental psychology. 

And I also talked about how they can set up their classroom effectively with these knowledge. 

Designing lifestyle-how we like to live is totally manageable as far as we know our life goal. 

And spaces where we are spending our time either at work or home can be an important factor that help us reach our goals. 

Same thing can be said in the classroom setting. 

The teachers / therapists can design their classroom, not only actual room as a space but also student's emotional experience or even academic goal for the day in the space. 

How the teacher welcome the students, where they stand in the classroom, how they have their students sit...etc will affect the classroom's dynamics, which may also affect the student's emotional and educational experiences. 

I wanted to share more with them but the time was limited so hopefully I will have another opportunity someday in the future. I would like to thank Hug Music for this opportunity. 

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