Justin's Story ② How he proceeded the project. (Summary of the event "Sharing Your Mind &am

Soon after Justin's 8 weeks home project started, multiple disastrous events happened to him.

Losing his job, breaking up his ex girlfriend, and breaking his toe bone...all happened at once in two weeks after the project started.

I have seen many of my clients experiencing some sort of changes in their lives after their project start, but I never seen anything like Justin's change.

I bet he must have been discouraged and distracted by all those unexpected events.

He once asked me if we could slow down our project since he could not do anything for a few weeks.

I said No.

Because I believed he had a power to complete his project as scheduled. So I told him we should stick to our schedule: Due on December 23rd, 2017.

He said OK.

We communicated closely by texting and every Saturday we had 30 minutes Skype meeting.

Justin reported me all the works he did on that week, he shared how he felt, what part was easy and difficult for him to do, and we discussed the goal for the next week.....

He kept decluttering and organizing his house and also moving his furniture as I suggested.

① First, we relocated a bookshelf between the kitchen and the living space because I wanted to divide these two spaces.

To do so, he had to reduce ao many books by donating them.

Then we relocated the music desk from the bedside to the window side where his work desk used to be located, because this place is "Fame and Reputation gua" according to Feng Shui Bagua, which is the best place for doing what he loves with his passion - Music.


(Our goal was replacing the desk with low table like Japanese style later.)


② Next we relocated to the corner of the room, which falls in "Prosperity gua" that controls his financial matters.


(We also planned to replace this big desk with a low table for Japanese way of living later.)


(This bookshelf is used as a room divider now between the kitchen and the living space.)

③ And then we placed a room divider between his work area and bedding area so that he can switch his mood from working mode to relaxing mode and vice varsa.



At this point, he started feeling that the energy in this house began circulating.

Now I had a strong feeling that he was ready for the next step.

Painting walls.

Even though the energy in this house started flowing again, I still felt he needed to add more energy to it.

So I suggested him to use the power of colors.

As I previously wrote, the kitchen was located in "Love & Relationship gua" and this area is associated with pink color....so I recommended Justin to paint the kitchen wall in pink.

But before painting the kitchen, there was a big job left for him....

Decluttering stuff in the kitchen.

At first, in the first consultation, he refused to through two shelves away from the kitchen.

He kept his alcohol making equipments for many years even though he did not use them at all because he wished oneday he would make his own alcohol in the future....

I remember I told him those two needed to go but he said he couldn't because he believed things he had in the kitchen now were selected carefully already after he decluttered before.

To my eyes, of course, it was not enough job...I knew he needed to do more decluttering...

But, I secretly thought it was impossible for him to let two shelves go....

I told myself that if he could let even only one go, it's great enough.

As we kept going, Justin seemed even enjoying decluttering and organizing.

He told me once,

"Oh my god....now I see how much clutters I had been living with for many years!! Until today, I think I threw away 80% of things that I had in my house!"

And sometime later, he told me that he threw two shelves away finally.

And a few days later, he told me that he finally painted the kitchen wall in pink!

I was so surprised to see the picture he sent me.

The window and the blind were opened up widely and all the clutters were gone!!

I felt ashamed of myself having thought that he could not remove two shelves.

This was the first moment when the new fresh energy came into his Love and Relationship kitchen in past 17 years.

By the time I saw this drastic change in his space, I could see a huge change in him too.

He before the project used to be less confident in himself: Low self esteem, anxiety, and a codependent pattern in his relationship.

But now I see he's been regaining his self esteem, self love, confidence, strength and independence mentally and spiritually. This is not only because of the home project but also the therapy he's been taking consistently at the same time.

After this kitchen project, everything went more smoothly and he ended his project on time successfully.

This is how he lives now.

He updated his living style to Japanese living style!