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How I review my client's home by using BTB (western style feng shui)

Hello, I'm Ai Johnson. I am a lifestyle designer / NYS certified feng shui interior design teacher in New York.

I help people improve their living and working environment by using feng shui's yin-yang five elements theory, color theory, and essence of environmental psychology.

I also teach feng shui interior design course to students all over the world in a NY based online school.

Today I would like to talk about one of feng shui styles - BTB (or western style feng shui).

BTB is one of the most popular feng shui schools that is mostly used in Western countries.

BTB stands for Black Sect Tantric Buddhism (aka Black Hat) .

I learned feng shui interior design in Japan in 2006. I did not know about BTB until I moved to the US in 2008.

BTB style is not really known to many Japanese people because Compass School feng shui is used the most in Japan, I believe. (Japan has an unique feng shui style called "ka-sou" - meaning "face of house" in direct Japanese translation.

There are so many different kinds of feng shui styles and sometimes it is very confusing, but I always try to mix multiple styles so that I can have more design options to give to my clients. (By the way, BTB is the one I teach to students all over the world online.)

BTB is one of styles that I use to quickly review my client's home because it is so simple and easy. I think everybody can do feng shui if they use this style because you do not need compass, meaning BTB does not care actual direction.

Here is difference between my floor plans with BTB energy map and Compass style.

This is one of examples of my current client's floor plan with Compass style energy map. (Not scaled)

Depending on the actual directions by compass, I make suggestions for furniture location, color, pattern and overall designs.

And this is BTB style floor plan. You do not need to use compass but just use a 9 grid- square map and place it on the floor plan. The most important is always keep the entrance door on the bottom.

Whichever styles we use or how many styles we mix, the most important thing I believe is "do not get stuck in the theory but be creative and open to intuition" .

I use feng shui technique as a guideline, but I always follow my intuition in the end after analyzing space.

BTB is very straight forward so I think it is good for feng shui beginners.

In the next article, I will show you some example of my feng shui arrangement by using the same floor plan.

If you are interested in my lifestyle design consultation service, feng shui interior design service and lesson, please feel free to contact me at

(Online consultation & lesson is available. )

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