Bye Bye Dish Rack

(Japanese Translation)

Kitchen could be one of the messiest area in your house.

This area is confusing in terms of chi (energy) flow because there are two conflicting energies existing together....

Fire element (such as gas range, oven, microwave oven, toaster etc) and Water element (such as water sink and refrigerator).

This ' could be easily messy area" has lots of small messy things like spices, dirty dishes, unused plastic bags..... It is sometimes so hard for us to manage our kitchen.

Let's take a look at your dish rack in your kitchen.

Isn't it keeping piles of dishes and classes? Maybe it is acting like an important role and its existence is so outstanding as if it rules your kitchen. Do not let your dish rack rule your kitchen.

Think about it. Dish rack's role is just to dray dishes and glasses. Why do we need to keep allowing it to occupy our limited space in the kitchen even after it completes its role?

Just let the dish rack go. You do not need it.

Believe me.

Your kitchen will drastically change.

I used to be a dish rack owner and what I used to have is this big black thing.....

My husband took this guy home one day...not my choice.

This big black thing worked so hard because it was so big and it could hold so many dishes....

And I used to feel guilty when I looked at the back thing holding so many dishes all the time.

One day, this thought just came into my mind....

"Does it have to be a typical dish rack to dry dishes? Really does it?"

And this is what I found. I was correct.

This is one of the greatest invention that I've appreciated in past few yeas.