Story of Isabel's Home Project 3 -Yin Yang Five Elements / Activate a Living Room for Fire Wife


Before I talk about Isabel's living room project, let me tell you a little bit more about yin-yang theory.

As I wrote about feng shui's yin-yang theory in Story of Isabel's Home Project 1, there are yin and yang energies in everything on the earth and in the universe and they exist within a harmony.

I suggest you to watch this Youtube video by John Bellaimey because you can understand this yin-yang concept in 4 minutes.

Furthermore, yin - yang energy can be categorized into five different elements. This is called Yin Yang Five Elements Theory.

Each elements; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are different energies which associate with certain colors, materials, and personalities. And each elements are interacting each other in a progressive cycle or overcoming cycle.

For example, creative cycle goes like this;