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Story of Isabel's Home Project 3 -Yin Yang Five Elements / Activate a Living Room for Fire Wife

Before I talk about Isabel's living room project, let me tell you a little bit more about yin-yang theory.

As I wrote about feng shui's yin-yang theory in Story of Isabel's Home Project 1, there are yin and yang energies in everything on the earth and in the universe and they exist within a harmony.

I suggest you to watch this Youtube video by John Bellaimey because you can understand this yin-yang concept in 4 minutes.

Furthermore, yin - yang energy can be categorized into five different elements. This is called Yin Yang Five Elements Theory.

Each elements; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are different energies which associate with certain colors, materials, and personalities. And each elements are interacting each other in a progressive cycle or overcoming cycle.

For example, creative cycle goes like this;

-Wood feeds Fire 

-Fire creates Earth (ash) 

-Earth bears Metal  

-Metal collects Water

-Water nourishes Wood

On the other hand, overcoming cycle goes like this;

-Wood consumes Earth

-Earth dams Water 

-Water extinguishes Fire 

-Fire melts Metal 

-Metal chops Wood

In my consultation, I tell my clients which elements they are, as well as their family, their partners, and their house and interiors. And I show how the clients and their family as well as home are interacting to each other. My role is to teach them how to appreciate who they are and whom they are with and learn how to communicate each other without forcing them to change themselves through home project.

Now, let me get to the point.

In my first consultation with Isabel and her husband, I told them that they may have difficult time in communication because Isabel's element is Fire and her husband's element is Water, which is a totally opposite energy dynamic.

Isabel did not like the living room.

I asked her, " What do you dislike about this room?"

She said "I do not like this big black couch."

But her husband said "I like this couch, but I do not mind replacing it."

(By the way, Black is Water element's color. It is natural for Isabel to feel uncomfortable with the black color of couch because her element is Fire.)

As I said before, Isabel's home has more yin energy rather than yang.

Black couch, dark colored cushion covers, black shelves..etc..they are all yin qualities. Moreover, her husband's element Water is also yin.

So I assumed this house was very comfortable for her husband but not for Isabel.

We needed to find a middle point so that not only her husband but also Isabel can feel comfortable to live in this house.

To bring more yang energy and also to activate Isabel's Fire energy, we had to balance Water and Fire energies in harmony. Here is what I suggested;

1) Change the couch layout (so that they can enjoy openness looking at views from windows)

2) Add warm colored cushions

3) Add warm colored area rug

4) Add green plants and flowers

5) Music stereo set

6) Display more fun things that they love

7) Add a floor lamp

These 1 - 7 were suggested because all of them were to activate Isabel's suppressed energies.

We need to bring "liveliness" back to this house and once all the project done, it came back.

I asked Isabel, "What do you think about the black couch right now? Do you still dislike it?"

She answered, "No, actually I love it now. The contrast of black and pink looks so nice and I feel much much happier."

She seemed so happy and so did her husband.

From this day, Isabel started learning the importance of harmonizing with herself and husband's world.

This was not only her home project but her self project to find how she can live with harmony in herself and in her relationship with her husband, child, her mother, brothers and friends.


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