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Story of Isabel's Home Project ②-Healing entrance area-


To bring more yang energy and better energy circulation to Isabel's house , I suggested them to do things as following;

Entrance Area: 1) Switch a black shoe shelf with a white shoe shelf that was in their office in the basement.

Before: Black shelf

After: White shelf

2) Add organizing boxes so that they can keep their shoes.

3) Display a nice framed photo of healing bamboo trees (which was located on the second floor) on the front wall to make it look like a window.

The challenge of this entrance area is that its size is way too small for this huge house relatively. In this limited place, they kept so many pairs of shoes and jackets as if this place was a storage. So we removed and or hid all unnecessary stuff to make it look more space. We also added a nice window chime so that it can welcome good energy into house with beautiful sound.

After the entrance area project, Isabel told me that she loved it the best out of her house. "I come here when I need to relax. This place makes me feel so calm. I like this place the best now."

I said to her, "Now is the time we make the living room a place like that. " In next blog, I will write how we did it.

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