Story of Isabel's home project① -What is missing?-


One of my long term clients and now a great friend, Isabel's story is very encouraging and inspiring so I decided to write about her and her home project.

I met her and her family for the first time on June 2017. Their best friends who also experienced my service recommended them to have my feng shui interior consulting.

Isabel is an architect from Colombia and her American husband is an engineer who own an architect firm in Forrest Hills, NY.

This wonderful couple has a beautiful son, Benjamin who has big sparkling eyes with long thick eyelashes.

They welcomed me warmly into their house. I got to love them right away.

(Image. Not the actual house.)

When I entered their house, I was so amazed....first, at its size. Gigantic. I've lived in New York for 10 was very first time for me to see such a big wonderful three stories house like theirs, which they designed and built.

Secondly, indoor pool. Pool in the house in New York? Is that possible?

And next moment, I felt something strange.

A beautiful house in a great neighborhood in which this family has been living, seemed to be lacking of something.

And I realized what was missing after a 15 minutes observation of the house.

It was "liveliness" .

If I use feng shui term, this house has much more "yin" energy than "yang' energy.

Feng shui is based on an ancient Chinse philosophy called "Taoism" . Taoist believes that there are energies (life force) in everything on the earth and in the universe. Energies flow in humans, animals, plants, buildings, furniture, etc...and these energies have two opposite qualities; Yin and Yang. Ying-Yang energies are existing together, interacting to each other in a harmony as a set such as;

Yang / Yin

men / women

life / death

light / shadow

raise / fall

gain / decrease

hard / soft

hot / cold

bright / dark

young / old

....etc. Neither can exist without the other.

What I felt from their house is strong yin energy and I felt little yang energy.

That means yin-yang energy balance was unbalanced and I also felt the energy in the house was not circulating smoothly.