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Power of Bedroom

Previously I talked about roles of entrance area and living room. Today, I will talk about bedroom's role.

Bed room is said to be one of the most important places in our home because in feng shui we consider it as a place where we recharge our energy.

We rest in our bedroom. Rest, sleep...this is the only thing we should focus on in our bed room.

Therefore, cell phone by the pillow (to talk), TV in front of the bed (to have fun) etc.... are not really favorable things in bed room, because they are not things that encourage us to rest; but they encourage us to be awake.

When you can not feel you rest well enough everyday, review your bedroom and see whether you keep things that prevent you from quality sleep.

All we need in the bedroom (basically and ideally) is, a bed, quality bedding sheets & pillows, lamp, curtains, a clock, and a shelf or a side table where you can keep a glass of water, and an area rug by the bed side. Things other than those are not really necessary items for in case you have many other things in your bedroom, it is good to hide them or relocate them or use a divider so that you do not need to see them.

Of course, nice, comforting art of the wall in bedroom is good to be added.

To let your bedroom work for you the best, check whether you are not giving unnecessary tasks to it.

Power of bedroom is to give you energy, recharge your energy so that you can start your next day with more positive energies.

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