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Alternative Christmas Decor

Hello, this is Ai, feng shui interior consultant. I help people with their home improvement by using feng shui interior arrangement, color therapy and environmental psychology technique. Most of my arrangement can be done without purchasing new furniture. I use what my clients already have at home and make home look fresh and different. Now Christmas season has come. Considering decorating your home with Christmas theme? If you can not display a Christmas tree at home because of limited space or religious reasons or whatever it is, no need to be disappointed.

My husband and I had some disagreement about Christmas decorations, and here I show you how I solved it. No specific items such as a Christmas tree or a lease or Christmas themed ornaments required, but colors such as Red, Green, Gold/Silver, White and Blue are must.

We can make some kind of Christmas feeling by using these colors without buying things. Also, as far as I keep "shapes of whatever Christmas themed thing", for example, Christmas tree, it does not matter whether it is actual tree or not. For example, I loaded books on the red chair in the entrance area and shaped it as a Christmas tree, and I put a glass sphere on it and I put a pairs of gold birds by the book tree.

Well, books are made from paper and paper are made from wood, so they have wood energy anyway.

I also made a mini Christmas tree out of news paper.

Buying Christmas decoration is totally fine but this year I thought it would be more fun to think of how to make Christmas decoration with what we already have.

Be creative and adventurous!

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