Simple! How To Make Multi-Functional Space In Your Home


Our lifestyle has changed completely since the pandemic happened. Many of us are now working from home for the long term, including myself. Some who live with their family have been feeling stressed out from not having enough personal space at home; others living alone feel stressed out from not having enough social time with friends being stuck at home.

Because of this new lifestyle, people have started contacting me for ideas to adjust their home to create a multi-functional space where they can comfortably live with other family members and not feel suffocated in their homes. Ms. Kana Kamitsubo, a business owner, professional pianist and a wife and mother with a five year old son, is one of them.

Kana asked me to help create a “Multi-Functional Bedroom” where she could have a sleeping area, a recreation area for electric piano playing and a home office. She was inspired by visiting my apartment and seeing how I set up two home offices, one in the living room for my husband and one for myself in the bedroom. In addition to creating a work area to the bedroom, I also added recreation area there to play music, exercise and relax. (Image of our home offices) I will share more about it with images and video in the future once we complete it, but today I would like to share very simple tips about how we can make a multi-functional space easily and quickly without buying many new things.

Our Muti-Functional Living Room

1) Our Living room

2) My husband’s home office

3) Dining area

Our Muti-Functional Bedroom

1) Our Bedroom

2) My Home Office

3) Our Sleeping Space

4) Recreation space