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Book Publication Date Changed to 2/1/2022.

It's an unfortunate to annouce this...

My book A LITTLE BIT OF FENG SHUI, which was originally to be published on 1/4/2022, will be published on 2/1/2022, due to a delay because of a supply chain crisis...🙏 Will keep you posted. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I heard many people have already preordered the book.... Thank you so much!🌹

For the original book publication date 1/4/2022, I was scheduled for a book signing event on 1/9/2022 at a local book store called BookMark Shoope, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY. But because of the delay, I changed the date to 2/6/2022.

I will share more details about the event early January!

There's a few more days till Christmas.

I wish you will have a nice holiday! #alittlebitoffengshui #author #fengshuibook #bookpublication

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