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Feng Shui NO NO in Taxi Driver the movie, part 1.

Last weekend, I enjoyed watching my favorite movie Taxi Driver with my husband.

Taxi Driver is a psychological thriller film directed by Martin Scorsese, starring Robert De Niro, and Jodie Foster in 1976.

I think the last time I watched the movie was probably when I was still a high school girl in Japan. I like this movie a lot. Now I am living in NY so I can relate myself more with what I see in this movie than when I lived in Japan.

In several scenes, I found some feng shui NG so I'd like to introduce them because I think it's so commonly seen everywhere, which makes me feel fixing (hahaha). These are very typical No No:

Seating in the restaurant / cafe / bar

The main character Travis (Robert De Niro) invited a beautiful girl Betsy (Cybill Shepherd) for coffee. You can not see in this picture above but Travis let Betsy sit very close to the entry door.

First of all, if I were a restaurant owner, I would not place any seats very close to the door.

Second, if I were a man who try to date a woman, I would never have her sit there.

The reason is that in feng shui the entry doors are considered to be "mouth of chi (energy)", so energy (as well as people) are coming in and out all the time and it's so busy around there. If you set close to the door, subconsciously or knowingly, you will not feel very comfortable or relaxed.

Actually, because of this reason, when my husband and I have to sit in this type of seats, I often have to ask my husband to ask the server to change our seats. (Until I explained the reason why, my husband thought I was just being so

If you want to enjoy time alone or with someone over meals, coffee or wine, do not sit by the door but try to get seats back (but not the ones by the bathroom, either!) where you can overview the restaurant and windows / doors, if possible.

Where you are seated is very important as well as where you sleep. In next article, I will talk about bed location in Feng Shui No No in Taxi Driver, part 2: Bed location. Stay tuned!

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