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Justin's Story ① Organizing space, organizing life (Summary of the event "Sharing Your Mind

The event "Sharing Your Mind & Space" that I organized with Junko Matsushita, the life coach and organizing coach, ended successfully on Sunday 9/30/2018.

Junko and I have the same belief that our mind and space are connected to each other. We share the same goal as professional who deal with client's mind and space.

I am specialized in space designing by using feng shui knowledge, color theory and environmental psychology.

Junko is specialized in space organizing by using coaching and psychology.

When we work together, the result is amazingly effective.

Justin Cobb's case is a great example.

We had Justin, my client then and one of my best friends now, as a guest speaker, and he shared his experience through Ai feng shui interior consulting's 8 weeks home project collaborated with Junko, with people at the event.

Until I met Justin in fall 2017, most of my typical clients were Japanese women who had no problem with cleaning, organizing and decluttering.

One day, I started feeling like,

"I want something challenging....maybe I want someone like who has no idea about organizing...someone who is a non Japanese, maybe a single American man."

Then I met Justin.

When I visited his studio apartment for the first time in November 2017, I was very excited.

"Yes, this is what I was looking for!"

His space was packed with unused stuff but he could not let them go for many many years.

Despite of my excitement, I felt a bit worried thinking 8 weeks might not be enough for him unless he really seriously works on decluttering and organizing process. Because that process is deeply connected with his phycological issues.

So, I contacted my friend Junko Matsushita, who is a life coach and organizing coach, and asked her to give 2 hours organizing lesson to Justin one week before his home project start day.

She said Yes generously.

I knew he had a negative feeling about letting things go.

I'm not talking about only stuff as his belongings...but also feelings and emotions that he had been clinging to for many years.

At first in Junko's lesson, he was very skeptical and we could see that from his body language in the first two videos below.

Organizing lesson started.

Junko asked Justin questions about how he wanted to use his space.

He had many many things that he wanted to do in his space, but because of the limited space he believed he could not do any of these.

Justin was still skeptical while listening to Junko's lecture.

But anyway he started with untangling the cords of his music equipment.

He kept going on and on...

Now he tackled down the paper garbage.....

After 2 hours....

The table covered with unused stuff like this got cleaned...

and see how he looks. Accomplishment.

Junko's organizing lesson opened up his closed mindset about his space.

He spoke after the 2 hours lesson...

In 2 hours lesson, he worked on untangling the music equipment cords and decluttering some of paper garbage.

After this day, he had more and more things to work on by himself. And finally his 8 weeks project started.

I figured in the first consultation day that the key on this project would be his kitchen.

It was filled with unused stuff such as alcohol making tools that he never used, and other different kinds of stuff.

And the window and the blind were shut down, and the energy in this place was so stuck.

Interestingly, his kitchen falls in "Love & Relationship gua" of feng shui Bagua (energy map) that I use for feng shui consultation.

It totally made sense to me.

He was lost in the relationship with his ex girlfriend and most likely, with himself.

Originally his motivation was "to fix relationship with his ex girlfriend" but I told him that fixing relationship with himself should be prioritized.

Within a few weeks, he had big change in his personal life, which appeared negative changes back then but actually they turned into positive ones later.

1. His company closed down the business, so he became unemployed for a few months.

2. He broke up with his ex girlfriends.

3. He broke his toe bone.

......I will write about how he continued his project after all these disasters later.

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