Sample feng shui interior coordination combined with BTB & compass style①

(Japanese Translation)

Hello, this is Ai Johnson - lifestyle designer and NYS certified feng shui interior design teacher.

Today I will share one of the examples of my feng shui interior consultation with the same floor plan that I used in my previous article How I review my client's home by using BTB (western style feng shui).

One of the charms of this client's studio apartment is that she can see beautiful view of East River that runs along between Manhattan and Queens.



Judging from her five element, which is "Wood" element, it is very good for her to live near the water.

(By Eight Element Method that I innovated, she is "Tree".)

As I learn about the condominium building, I found out that this is also "Wood" element building, so I thought that she should be living here so comfortably.

This chart is telling us that "Wood people" / "Wood home" is being supported by "Water" energy. (This is considered as a generating interaction or creative cycle.)

*Interestingly my husband is also "Wood person". He used to tell me that he had wanted to live near the water until we found our current apartment, which is located by the ocean.

Now, let me explain how I applied arrangements step by step with this client's apartment floor plan.

Look at this.


First, there are the entrance door and the window aligned straight. (①)

Second, you can see the bathroom very near the entrance door. (②)

This layout is very common in the US but it is not favorable layout from feng shui perspective. I will share some of the remedies for this kind of situation.

(All the remedies I introduce here are arranged specifically for this client, and it does not mean that other people can get the same benefit with the same arrangement.)