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Psychological interior coordination in Mcdonald's・マクドナルドに見る空間心理学的なインテリアコーディネート

Have you ever heard about Space Psychology (or Environmental Psychology)?

This is one of very interesting psychologies which was established in the U.S. in 70's, and Robert Somer is a well known psychologist who suggested interior and exterior of any given space can be deigned to control people's behaviors.



We can see so many spaces everywhere which are intentionally designed following this environmental psychological principle.


The most simple example is Mcdonald's interior design.


Everybody in the world knows this logo with yellow and red.


The main color of Mcdonald's interior is red.


Oftenly yellow and white are used too as accent colors.


Can you guess why these colors are used?


First, red color stimulates our vision and keeps us excited. It also attracts us and gets our attention immidietely.


But this color can not keep our focus too long.

That means, at the same time, that red color does not make us feel comfortable in long term.



Seating is also an important factor when it comes to designing space in fast food restaurant. Usually their seats are hard made from plastic or small size stools so that we can not sit on too long.


They do not want us to stay there being so relaxed and comfortable, because if we do so their business does not go well. They want us to eat fast and go fast. They need a fast circulation to keep their business going on.


Like this way, environmental psychology in interior and exterior can be seen everywhere.


Why don't we use this in our home, too then?


Of course, in that case, we should not use too much red but some colors that makes us very comfortable.


If you are trying to make your home more comfortable place and need some help, please feel free to contact me at

もしご自宅をもっと快適にしたいのだけどその方法が分からないので助けが必要だと思っていらっしゃるならば、お気軽に info@aimjohnson.comまでご連絡ください。

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