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Environmental psychology, Nordic design~stylish, comfy, and practical~空間心理学的に見る、北欧デザイン~見栄え良く、心地良く、機能

I am visiting Sweden right now. Before Sweden, I was in Iceland. Tomorrow I will visit Denmark.


I found Nordic designs are stylish, comfy and also practical. When these three aspects are put together in one product, it comes out as simplicity.


This is a bench at a bus stop in Reykjavik, Iceland. 


This is a bench in a department store in Stockholm, Sweden.


They are just square shaped chairs..., they look nothing special, but actually they are so well designed.


Two people can sit on each side without facing to each other, which allows them to keep their privacies. 


This kind of designs that allows people not interacting to each other to keep safe private spaces are seen everywhere in towns and cities.


But this kind of designs (or furniture layouts) are wrongly applied in home setting sometimes by residents, where they wish to have quality time with family. 


I will talk about this more later when I write about Space Psychology or Environmental Psychology later.


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