Hallway solution 廊下の対策について

As I often say the entrance area is the most important place in house because it is a face of home. Or we can also say the entrance is a mouth of the house where chi (energy) comes in.



If we consider the entrance area as a mouth of home, the hall way is considered to be a throat.


The energy enters home from the entrance area, and runs through the hall way just like food comes into your mouth and goes down through your throat.


Even if we arrange the entrance area nicely to welcome good energy, there is a possibility that the energy runs so fast and goes out from the windows if we do not pay attention very carefully especially we have a long narrow hall way.


This is one of the examples of my client's hall way in her house. I advised my clients to display some arts on the wall of the hall way like in this picture above. Energy can flow in a proper speed w