The power of Entrance area 玄関のチカラ

As I always say, entrance area at home and reception area in the restaurant or hotel is the most important place. It is a face of home.

When entrance area, the face of your home, is not smiling to you, you won't feel you are welcomed.

Neither will your family or guests. And this first impression you have in entrance area follows entire home.



To let entrance area play its role "welcoming us" well, first thing I always tell my clients is never put anything "practical" "non-pretty" in entrance area.

Remove or hide all practical, non-pretty things and add something pretty, which you love or enjoy looking at.


Here are examples:


This is one of my clients’ entrance area after consultation.


Pretty flowers, plants and two girls playing music in the picture are welcoming with nice lighting.


Before consultation, there used to be many practical things as you can see below....


There were two vacuum cleaners on the left side, a stroller beside the shelf. They are "practical things'. We do not really enjoy looking at them. The art on the wall was very nice but dark, cold color, so it was not for welcoming.


This is another example, which is still ongoing project so we have not completed entrance area yet, however, in terms of removing practical things from the entrance, this one is also a good example.


Before consultation, this entrance was full of pairs of shoes, strollers, other small things such as hats, umbrellas, etc...


The problem of this entrance is its size....very small and no storage, so if we put too many things, there will be no space for us coming in to enjoy being welcomed.