Each area in home has its own role and function; Entrance area お家のそれぞれのエリアにはそれぞれの役割と機能がある(玄関編)

Hi, I am Ai, Ai feng shui interior consultant. I help people create their home more comfortable place where they can be what they are. Let me talk about the entrance area which I consider as the most important space in our house.



Entrance area is made to welcome us and our guests.


Nobody put a bed right in front of the entrance door, right?

Because a bed is made to let us sleep on, and it is not made for welcoming people in the entrance area. Very simple.



We feel good when being welcomed to home by beautiful flowers, green, art, scent and sound rather than something else such as garbage bin which smells so bad.


I have seen many people including my clients ( and I used to be one of them before ) who ignore entrance area's role and purpose, and force it to play a different role (like storage?) and do not let it shine as it is supposed to be.


But is it actually a very sad thing for us and for the entrance space as well. The entrance area wants to welcome us very nicely and friendly to make us happy, which is their purpose and role. We should allow them to do their job.


When I visit my client's home, first I review the entrance area very carefully and try to see how I feel; Am I feeling very welcomed, accepted...? Try to see if I feel good as entering into the house, walking along the hall way to the living room...


At this point, I do not think anything else but just focus on feeling. And I check if the entrance area covers these following points;


1) Brightness

2) Clearness

3) Welcoming hospitality (good scent/sound/art/flowers, etc..)