Happy New Year 2017. Effect of Oosoji (Japanese big cleaning) 大掃除の効能

January 1, 2017


Happy New Year.


I am Ai, Ai Feng Shui Interior Consultant. I help people create their home more comfortable place where they can be what they are. Let me talk about Oosoji (Big cleaning which is one of Japanese customs, where people do deep cleaning all the areas in their house before new years come. ) 

To be honest, I am not that good at cleaning...I am a type of person who wish to skip cleaning if I could. 








But in the end of 2016, "I'd like to do Oosoji with my husband!"



I told my American husband very seriously and passionately. 



One month before the new year's eve, I sent some web site link to him so that he can learn what Osoji is like, and also I explained to him how important for me as Japanese to do this Osoji event before welcoming new year 2017. 




And finally, my husband and I did out first Osoji together as family on December 31st, 2016. 



It was a huge cleaning day!!



My husband was in charge of kitchen. 







 I was in charge of bathroom. 




I let my husband to choose either kitchen or bathroom. 



I said to him, "t is good to clean whichever area you like better because cleaning the area you like brings you a better result. "



He chose kitchen right away because he loves cooking. (Actually kitchen area is the hardest in Oosoji, by the way. lol)




I will talk about each area's cleaning effect in the future, 



here is over all Osoji's effect...;



①All dirt and clutters cleared, spaces become so clean and beautiful



②Our mind become clear in the process of cleaning. 



③This cleaning process (in which we face things that we were not paying attention to) gives us an opportunity to reflect how we've been living.



④We appreciate and love our home more than before. 




In Japan, families, schools, companies, and communities do this Oosoji together once a year before new year, and I really feel this is a great culture. 



If you live by yourself, doing Oosoji alone may be a good chance to review your own life calmly and deeply, 



and if you do Oosoji with your family as a team, you may feel more appreciation to your family. 




I asked my husband how he felt after Oosoji, 



and he answered, " As I did deep cleaning places that I normally couldn't,  



I started thinking that I'd like to keep this cleanness as long as possible. 



I never cleaned this much hard before and it was so hard, but after I finished I really felt good.



I'd like to do it next year too."



He gave me such a positive feedback about Oosoji experience. 





He cleaned and polished our kitchen, and I really appreciated his hard working, and it seems that our relationship became stronger💕



How did your Oosoji go this year? 



If you did not have a chance to do it, please do not give us...it is not too late. If you want to do it, you can do it now. (In America, there is Spring cleaning just like Osoji, so you can do it in Spring.) 




If you did polish your house by big cleaning, then please keep doing a small cleaning every day to maintain the cleanness. 



Next time, I will talk about the power of Entrance area. 







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