Following services are included in each plans.


Consultant visits your home or video chat on the first day of the project.

1 hour


Consultant provides;

  • Consultation sheet (about 18 pages)

  • Ying-yang, five elements energy analysis

  • Floor plan, design, color suggestion, project plan

  • Decluttering / organizing plan

  • Purchase item list upon request

Implementation Support

  • Project follow up by email, phone and text during the project period (4-8 weeks)

  • Refer furniture mover(s), handyman, decluttering & organizing helper upon request

  • Weekly progress counselnig

Completion Support

Consultant visits your home or video chat on the final day of the project

1 hour

  • Adjustment as needed

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①Studio (4 weeks)

  • Entrance

  • Living Area / Bedding Area

  • Kitchen / Bathroom 

②1 Bedroom (5 weeks)

  1. Entrance

  2. Living Room

  3. Bed Room

  4. Kitchen / Bathroom

③2 Bedroom (6 weeks)

  1. Entrance

  2. Living Room

  3. 2  Bed Rooms

  4. Kitchen / Bathroom

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④3 Bedroom (7 weeks)

  1. Entrance

  2. Living Room

  3. 3 Bed Rooms

  4. Kitchen / Bathroom

⑤4 Bedroom (8 weeks)

  1. Entrance area

  2. Living room

  3. 4 Bed Rooms

  4. Kitchen / Bathroom

⑥Only 1 Area Plan (2 weeks)

⑦Personal Counseling (1 hour)

Ai meets you in person or video chat/telephone to give you advice for your home improvement plan, your five elements, good interior style for you. This service does not include home project follow up service.

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  • Client may contact Consultant by email, phone or text during the contract period for consultation at no charge. Consultation after contract period is available at reasonable hourly rates.



  • Travel costs via MTA are included in price for services in Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn or the Bronx. If a cab ride is required from the subway station to your home, the expense will be charged. For services in any other area, please contact me to make arrangements.


Ai’s coordination for business; office, salon and etc. available from $1000. 





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Ai works with her clients closely to create not only ideal homes but also offices, salons, schools,

and other spaces where they would seek self-love. 

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