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March 16, 2020

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  • Ai Johnson

Home project-Self project / お家プロジェククトは自分プロジェクト

Hello, this is Ai, Ai feng shui interior consultant / home coah.

My job is to help people's self-actualization through home improvement project. こんにちは。愛風水インテリアコンサルティング・お家コーチの愛です。


My method is very unique.

I use feng shui, interior coordinating, color therapy, environmental psychology and coaching, to make my clients living and working environment more positive and balanced.

Through their home improvement project, they also experience self improvement as a result, which is different from other usual interior coordinating service.





I think you have heard about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

There are five different levels in a pyramid starting from the bottom to the top,

Psychological Needs,












House whose original purpose is a shelter where we live safely, is categorized in two needs from the bottom; Psychological Needs and Safety.

Bringing home as a shelter to the next level, Love and belonging / Self-Esteem - home as a place where you love to be at, you can be yourself, and you want to share with your family and your friends..that is what Ai feng shui interior consulting does.



When we try to reach the goal on the top, Self Actualization, it looks so hard and far to achieve. We may feel that would never happen.

But when we review the two basics of our needs, home as a shelter, we find that it is very possible for us to make it so much better and bring it to the level three or even four; Love & Belonging and Self Esteem.

Make your home shelter into your sanctuary, your favorite place where you feel happy.

That is very possible.



As we work on home or any given space we have to be in, we find ourselves harmonized within ourselves, family, friends and also within the space itself where we are in.

Especially we will find so many things about ourselves through home project.

When I first did my home improvement project for myself, I found so many things about me that I was not aware of or that I was trying to ignore, and I realized that I should always open to what I really like, want and need (like, want and need are all different and sometime all the same), instead of pretending I try not to recognize them.







For example, one of my clients told me she is now so happy about her living room because now she has her favorite painting in the living room and she loves looking at it when she enjoys her own time. Before she hesitated to display it on the wall of the living room because she thought her family did not like it. She sacrificed her Like and Want considering how her family's preference, because displaying the paining in the living room was not her Need.


This kind of thing could happen to anybody anywhere in any occasions. In her case, for example, she choose not to display her favorite painting in the living room without expressing her feeling about the painting to her family, because she prioritized family's feeling. But she could also choose to have some time to talk with her family, share her feeling, and maybe family could have understood and agreed with her idea. (And of course, it could happen that they rejected her idea and she got so disappointed. )


We can choose. But when we choose something, if there are family or other people involved, we have to communicate with them. But before it, I think first thing we have to do is communicate with ourselves. Listen to our real voice. What we like, what we want, what we need...what we do not like, what we don't want, what we do not need. Listen and listen to ourselves. Without communicating ourselves, we can not communicate with others. 私たちは選択することができます。しかし何かを決めるために、もし家族や他の人々が関わって居るとしたら、私たちは彼らとコミュニケーションせねばなりません。でもその前にまず一番最初にしなくてはいけないことは、自分自身とのコミュニケーションだと私は考えています。何が好きで、何が欲しくて、何が必要なのか、、、何が好きでなくて、何が欲しくなくて、何が不要なのか。注意深く自分の声を聞く。自分自身とうまく関われなければ、他の人間とだって関われません。

For that reason, I take our home as a place where we can practice to communicate with ourselves so that we can communicate with family and others. そのような理由で、私は家というのは良い修行の場所だと考えます。家は、自分自身とコミュニケートし他とコミュニケートできるようになるための練習の場所です。

If you would like to practice for better communication with yourself, your family, and others in your life, by improving your home and would like to know how, please contact me at 住まい改善プロジェクトを通して、自分自身・そして家族や他の人とより良いコミュニケーションができるようにと願っていらっしゃるあなた、あるいはその方法を学んでみたいあなた、ぜひinfo@aimjohnson.comまでお気軽にお問い合わせください。