Justin's Story ② How he proceeded the project. (Summary of the event "Sharing Your Mind &am

Soon after Justin's 8 weeks home project started, multiple disastrous events happened to him. Losing his job, breaking up his ex girlfriend, and breaking his toe bone...all happened at once in two weeks after the project started. I have seen many of my clients experiencing some sort of changes in their lives after their project start, but I never seen anything like Justin's change. I bet he must have been discouraged and distracted by all those unexpected events. He once asked me if we could slow down our project since he could not do anything for a few weeks. I said No. Because I believed he had a power to complete his project as scheduled. So I told him we should stick to our schedule: Due

Justin's Story ① Organizing space, organizing life (Summary of the event "Sharing Your Mind

The event "Sharing Your Mind & Space" that I organized with Junko Matsushita, the life coach and organizing coach, ended successfully on Sunday 9/30/2018. Junko and I have the same belief that our mind and space are connected to each other. We share the same goal as professional who deal with client's mind and space. I am specialized in space designing by using feng shui knowledge, color theory and environmental psychology. Junko is specialized in space organizing by using coaching and psychology. When we work together, the result is amazingly effective. Justin Cobb's case is a great example. We had Justin, my client then and one of my best friends now, as a guest speaker, and he shared his





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